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150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up

150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up

150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up   150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up
Under Tile Underfloor Heating Electric Mat Kit - Fast Warmup Bathroom Floor! Under tile underfloor heating electric mat kit - fast warmup bathroom floor! Living heat under tile underfloor heating mat kit - fast warm up your bathroom or tiled floor! The highly economical 150w Living Heat underfloor electric heating mats - warm up your bathroom or tiled floor quickly and efficiently. Perfect as a supplementary heat to warm cold rooms or as a primary heat source. 150w/m2 Premium Dual Core Element. Wide Range Of Wi Fi Thermostats. Secondary Or Primary Heat Source.

Suitable To Warm Up All Flooring. Enhanced With Our Thermal Insulation. We stock the widest range of mat sizes and loose wire cables in the UK.

We are the Underfloor Heating experts. The heat mats can be laid directly onto a solid wood or insulated concrete subfloor. However, to aid efficiency and the response of the heating kit, it is highly recommended insulation be installed, before the pro underfloor heating mat is laid.

Dual Core 150w/sqm Heating Mat. Double Insulated & Earthed Heat Element.

Under Tile & Stone Under-Floor Heating Mats from Living Heat are perfect for all tiled floors like Bathrooms or Kitchens. All our electric underfloor systems are super easy to fit.

Our patented Living Heat heating element is easy to tile or self-level over as the heating cable is only 3mm thick. The mesh backing has a full pressure-sensitive adhesive coating to hold the entire mat firmly in place. The premium UFH heat mats can be laid directly on to a solid wood or concrete subfloor. It is highly recommended insulation be installed, before the underfloor heating to aid efficiency and the response of the heating kit.

Although both our 150w and 200w can usually heat a room and floor on their own, insulation is an integral part of the complete underfloor kit. The thermal boards drastically reduce running costs and the warm-up time of the heating. For new builds, extensions or old problematic floors, we also offer a range of decoupling membranes, preventing possible lateral movement of the floor. The XPS, Tile backer thermal boards and final floor tiles, should be fixed with a flexible adhesive. We can even supply a two-part specialist self-levelling compound, the choice of the professional, which is used to embed the heating before the flooring is laid. A 3mm depth of self-level or adhesive is required to embed the heating, before Tiling. Living Heat is always here to help and offers a Free technical help service to assist you all the way. Our heat mats come as a kit with full fitting instructions and can be used as a primary heat source or simply for gently warming up the floor to warm up your feet assuming sufficient heating coverage and insulation is installed. Floor Probe (When thermostat is chosen). Things to know about this product. Advanced High Temperature Teflon Fluoropolymer insulation. Ultra-thin yet Ultra tough armour braided heating cable.

Easy fit dual-core heating cable. Only one end of the cable needs to be wired into the thermostat. Our Fast fit self-adhesive mesh backing. The mat can be rolled out over the floor and held firmly in place without additional tapes or adhesives. Living Heat 150w heating mats are ideal for use as a primary heating source, under tile and stone flooring.

When using these heating mats as a primary heat source a minimum of 70% floor coverage is required. The building must have suitable insulation. And any un-insulated subfloors must be insulated with suitable insulation, before fitting the heating mats. This will not only increase the response rate of the heating.

But also maintain the high efficiency of all our underfloor heating systems. All Living Heat mats are made 0.5m wide x your required length. The heating cable can be easily detached from the sticky mesh backing. To allow the cable to be laid loosely in awkward areas, to provide maximum versatility for the installer.

At only 3mm in depth the mats are ultra-thin, to minimize floor height build-up. And are suitable for wet and dry areas alike. Please Note: For larger areas multiple mats may be sent. These mats can be joined together and controlled through one suitable thermostat.

3m long cold / connection tails. Double insulated & earthed heating element.

Ultra-thin & durable heating element. Easy and quick to lay with full self-adhesive backing. Pre-spaced wire attached onto tough fiberglass mesh backing. Living Heat underfloor heating cables have been specifically designed to be used under tiles and natural stone floors.

They are all capable of being used as the primary heat source, (No other heating required). All Living Heat kits are easy to lay and do not increase the floor height. The heating cables are just over 2mm thick so this allows the cable to be easily buried in the tile adhesive. The heating cables are pre-spaced onto a self-adhesive fibreglass mesh backing. This makes fitting each mat quick and easy. Mats are simply rolled out over a clean subfloor and held in place with the self-adhesive mesh backing. This eliminates the need for additional tapes and adhesives. This is because un-insulated concrete or other subfloor types greatly reduces the response time and overall efficiency of any underfloor heating. We are here to help. There is no specialist labour or tools required to lay and fit Living Heat kits. The only qualified person required is an electrician to make the final connection to the mains power. Our range of thermostats fit into a standard 1 gang back box.

And can carry a maximum load of 16amps. After this threshold is passed a simple contact or relay switch must be installed. We would not recommend Underfloor heating without a thermostat and floor probe to control your underfloor heating system. Fits standard 1G electrical wall box.

Air and Floor temperature sensors. Blue LED back light for easy viewing. Low brightness backlit for night time bedroom use. Full 4.3 Colour Touch Screen. 6 Timed Events x 7 day programmable cycle. Adjustable comfort Mode, Economy Mode, Party Mode, Holiday Mode and program Mode control. To work out what size kit you require please follow the next 3 steps. Measure the total floor area that you wish to be heated. (Less any immovable objects such as bath or kitchen units that you do not want the heating to be fitted under). Take off a 10cm border around the floor area to be heated as the heating elements should not be run up tight against any walls. This measurement should then be rounded down to the nearest 0.5m, ie 5.27m. Floor size would be rounded down to a 5m. The measurement can be rounded down to the nearest 1m on larger room areas. Make sure the floor area is level, clean and free of any dust and debris. If laying tiles the floor should be made suitable for laying tiles before the heating or insulation boards (if required)are laid.

To fit the heating cable the heated floor area must be first marked out with clear markings at even centres at opposite ends of the room / heated area, (the distance between markings will depend upon the wattage required per sqm and length of cable to be laid). To mark the floor the installer should first work out what wattage per sqm is required and thus what length or wattage cable is required. The floor should then be marked to show the desired spacing between cable runs to achieve the desired wattage per m.

Starting from the closest point to the thermostat/power source run the cable back and forward between the floor markings taping over the cable at the start and end of each run to fix it in place so the tiling process can be completed. If the required additional tape can be used. Or the full length of the cable can be taped over to maintain even spacing and fix the cable in place.

Below is a typical underfloor heating floor section build-up of a tiled floor. IMPORTANT: To make sure you receive the correct sizes if you are unsure of what you require. If possible, please provide us with a sketch or measurements of the floor area you would like covered. And we will advise you on which product would best suit your requirements. Living Heat Ltd is an electric underfloor heating and insulation specialist.

As part of the The AWK Group, Living Heat also has access to a large range of other products that work with and complement its underfloor heating and insulation range. Living Heat is located in the South West and distributes throughout the UK and to a growing Worldwide customer list. Due to the rapid growth of online shopping Living heat was formed to focus on offering specialist web-based sales of underfloor heating and insulation direct to customers.

Before 2014, our underfloor heating sales were driven through trade and showroom outlets. Our aim is simple and has never changed. To offer high-quality electric under-floor heating systems and ancillary products at competitive prices, backed up with expert knowledge and highly efficient, friendly and comprehensive service. We offer FREE technical help and advice on all Living Heat underfloor heating systems and ancillary products to the public and trade alike.

During busy periods we can not guarantee your packages will be sent out on the same day. To minimise any delays please make sure you provide us with a valid telephone number.

Our couriers try their best to deliver the next day and currently have a 98% success rate. All our deliveries can be tracked so don't hesitate to ask one of the staff who will be happy to help. Please note: Liquid's cannot be sent to international addresses due to current aviation regulations. Please make sure the goods are sent back in good working order and in the original packaging.

(Please do not forget to include a note with your name, address and copy of your original invoice if possible). We will endeavour to rectify any issues you may have with your item/s or if there are any discrepancies with the description, concerning the item/s received.

Full Terms & Conditions can be found on our main website. Registered in England & Wales No: 5466356.

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  • Coverage/sqm: 3.5sqm
  • Thermostat: Thermostat Option 2
  • Model: Living Heat
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Smart Life, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home/Assistant
  • Power Source: Battery, Coal, Corded Electric, Hybrid
  • Type: Underfloor Heating Mat System
  • Timer Control: Programmable Thermostat
  • MPN: 150w-Tile-Mat
  • Mounting Location: Underfloor, Floor, Wall
  • Brand: Living Heat
  • Control Style: Analog/Mechanical, App Control, Dial, Digital, Push Button, Touch, Voice
  • Room Coverage Area: 0.5-34sqm
  • Part Type: Heated Floor Mat
  • Items Included: Remote Control, Thermostat
  • Heating System: Underfloor Heating
  • Bundle Description: All Mat Sizes with Optional 8 Thermostat Models Available
  • Voltage: 230 V

150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up   150w Underfloor Heating Mats To Warmup Under Tiled Floors Fast Bathroom Warm Up