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2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding

2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding

2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding    2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding
2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding. 2022 New Version THINKTOOL PAD8 Full System Diagnostic+35 Special Function+ECU Coding+Avtive Test+2 Year Free Update+More Than 10000 Car Models Support+Android 10.0+10 Touch Screen Diagnostic Scanner Professional. Is a modular car auto diagnostic tool from ANCEL Tech's.

It consisting of the host device with a 10 screen and a variety of functional extension modules, such as a printer, worklight, videoscope, thermal imager, battery tester, scope box, projector, and TPMS sensor. Along with these modules, THINKTOOL PAD8 can accomplish a comprehensive car full system scan diagnosis, coding, Bi-directional activate test and all service reset special functions.

The most Complete Car Scanner Tool of THINKTOOL PAD8. THINKTOOL PAD8 diagnostic tool gives you what snap-on scanner offers. It features Bi-Directional Control (Active Test) to request information or command a actuator to perform specific tests, such as turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the a/c clutch on and off, performing an evaporative emissions leak test, fast troubleshooting your car, not simply by reading codes, reading live data.

ALL RESET + INITIATION + ADAPTATION + MATCHING + CODING. THINKTOOL PAD8 supports Auto VIN Detect, ECU Coding, Gear Reset, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF REG. Key Coding, BMS Reset, Throttle Matching, Oil Reset, ABS Bleeding, Brake Reset, Injector coding etc all of special functions, helping you safely and effectively access to the vehicle systems to reset partial parameters status after repair and maintenance work. Diagnostic scanner works on over 160 car makes.

And 10000 models to read/erase codes, view live data, do bi-direction active test and service functions in all vehicle systems, including ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMM, BMS, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, Light System, Wiper System, etc, gives your car a full detection. BEST HAREWARE + MODULAR DIAGNOSIS. Offers you Remote Tech Diagnostic, 1to1 diagnostic feedback and respond, Data Stream record and playback, Vehicle Health Report, Maintenance Help etc customer star care. The Advanced Functions of THINKTOOL PAD8. Command Particular Operations on the Vehicle. This device with bi-directional technology, not only can diagnosis a problem but can also take measures to begin the repair. The THINKTOOL PAD8 can activate and actuate all available modules.

Whether you want to do fuel injection, wiper activation, or any other component test in-between, you can use the scanner. You can also turn on headlights, roll down a window, etc. It's necessary when you want to see whether an actuator or sensor is working as it should. ECU coding provides an in-depth look into vehicle systems, thus helping mechanics troubleshoot and deal with complex vehicle problems like drivability issues, fuel inefficiency, power loss, the durability of parts, fault codes.

You can modify the throttle stop by coding the injector. If you have the THINKTOOL PAD8 scanner, you can code all these systems. They include the ECU, fuel injector, gear shift, throttle fuel volume, etc.

Start by sending the good folks at Thinkcar asking whether you can do OE-level coding in your car. THINKTOOL PAD8 supports Full system diagnostic. Besides classical 4 systems, you are able to use this diagnostic tool to diagnose your car in complete systems, such as Fuel system, Emission system, Body, Powertrain and more electronic systems. To make sure all the systems performs well, you can view live data stream before driving out. The following is a list of modern vehicle systems that this scan tool can get access to: Engines / Auto Transmission / Airbags / Immobilizer / Key Coding / ABS / Cruise Control / Instruments / Self Leveling Suspension systems Seats / Doors / Gateway / Steering Angle / Air Suspension / Body Systems / Electronic Power Steering & Motor Assisted / Power Steering / Tyre Pressure / Rain Sensors / 4WD System Stabilizer / Intelligent Parking Assist/Door Motors / Audio Systems / Air Conditioning / Tiptronic / Anti Theft / Soft Top / Headlamp Leveling / Central Locking / Automatic Clutch / DPF Reset/Electric Windows / Plip Programming / Heated Rear Window / Xenon Headlights / Wash Wipe / Fuel Burning Heater / Transfer Box / Seat Memory / Oil Life Service Reset / Sliding Doors / Electronic Throttle/Navigation System / Rollover Sensor / Cruise Control / Multi Function Steering Wheel / Aux Heating / Electronic Parking Brake / Clutch Electronics...

THINKTOOL PAD8 Support 34+ Special Functions. The lightening of the car maintenance light indicates that the vehicle needs maintenance. Reset the mileage or driving time to zero after the maintenance, so the maintenance light will go out and the system will start a new maintenance cycle.

DPF regeneration may be performed in the following cases. AThe exhaust back pressure sensor is replaced. CThe fuel additive nozzle is removed or replaced. DThe cataytic oxidizer is removed or replaced. EThe DPF regeneration MIL is on and maintenance is performed.

FThe DPF regeneration control module is replaced. The feature is used to initialize the adaptive headlamp system. According to the ambient light intensity, the adaptive headlamp system may decide whether to automatically turn on the headlamps, and timely adjust the headlamp lighting angle while monitoring the vehicle speed and body posture. This function is used to learn the EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation)valve after it is cleaned or replaced. If the brake pad wears the brake pad sense line, the brake pad sense line sends a signal sense line to the on-board computer to replace the brake pad.

After replacing the brake pad, you must reset the brake pad. Reset must be performed in the following cases.

AThe brake pad and brake pad wear sensor are replaced. BThe brake pad indicator lamp is on. CThe brake pad sensor circuit is short, which is recovered.

DThe servo motor is replaced. To prevent the car being used by unauthorized keys, the anti-theft key matching function must be performed so that the immoblizer control system on the car identifies and authorizes remote control keys to normally use the car. When the ingnition switch key, ignition switch, combined instrument panel, ECU, BCM, or remote control battery is replaced, anti-theft key matching must be performed. This feature is designed to perform door window matching to recover ECU initial memory, and recover the automatic ascending and descending function of power window. Use this function to activate the electronic water pump before venting the cooling system.

To reset the steering angle, first find the relative zero point position for the car to drive in straight line. Taking this position as reference, the ECU can calculate the accurate angle for left and right steering. After replacing the steering angle position sensor, replacing steering mechanical parts(such as steering gearbox, steering column, end tie rod, steering knuckle), performing four-wheel alignment, or recovering car body, you must reset the steering angle. Writing injector actual code or rewrite code in the ECU to the injector code of the corresponding cylinder so as to more accurately control or correct cylinder injection quantity.

After the ECU or injector is replaced, injector code of each cylinder must be confirmed or re-coded so that cylinder can better indentify injectors to accurately control fuel injection. This function is applied to match the seats with memory function that are replaced and repaired. This function enables you to perform a resetting operation on the monitoring unit of vehicle battery, in which the original low battery fault information will be cleared and battery matching will be done. Battery matching must be performed in the following cases. Battery matching must be performed to clear original low battery information and prevent the related control module from detecting false information. If the related control module detects false information, it will invalidate some electric auxiliary functios, such as automatic start&stop function, sunroof without one-key trigger function, power window without automatic function. Battery matching is performed to re-match the control module and motoring sensor to detect battery power usage more accurately, which can avoid an error message displaying on the instrument panel. This function resets the airbag data to clear the airbag collision fault indicator. When the vehicle collides and the airbag deploys, the corresponding fault code of the colision data appears, the airbag indicator lights up, and the fault code can't be cleared. Since the data inside the airbag computor is disposable, it is required that all new accessories must be ewplaced, but after performing this function, the data of the airbag computer can be recovered and the fault code can be cleared, the airbag light will go out, and the airbag computer can continue to use.

This function is used to set the size parameters of the modified or replaced tire. AODO reset is to coopy, write, or rewrite the value of kilometers in the chip of odometer by using a car diagnostic computer and data cable, so that the odometer shows the actual mileage. BUsually when the mileage is not correct due to the damaged vehicle speed sensor or odometer failure, it is necessary to do ODO reset after maintenance. When the ABS contain air, the ABS bleeding function must be performed to bleed the brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.

If the ABS computer, ABS pump, brake master cylinder, brake cylinder, brake line, or brake fluid is replaced, the ABS bleeding function must be performed. The crankshaft position sensor learns crankshaft gear machining tolerance and saves to the computerto more accurately diagnose engine misfires. Lf gear learning is not performed for a car equipped withDelphi engine, the MlL turns on after the engine is started. The diagnostic device detects the DTC P1336'gear not learned'.

In this case, you must use the diagnostic device to perform gear learning for the car. After gear learning is successful, the MIL turns off. After the engine ECU, crankshaft position sensor, orcrankshaft flywheel is replaced, or the DTC'gear not learned is present, gear learning must be performed. This function is used to change the system language of the vehicle central control panel. After the diesel exhaust treatment fluid (car urea) is replaced or filled up, urea reset operation is required.

This function can adjust the height of the body. When replacing the body height sensor in the air suspension system, or coontrol module or when the vehicle level is incorrect, you need to perform this function to adjust the body height sensor for level calibration.

This function is applied to set or learn Air/Fuel ratio parameters. Nox sensor is a sensor used to detect the content of nitrogen oxides (NOx)in engine exhaust. If the NOx fault is re-initialized and the NOx catalytic converter is replaced, it is necessary to reset the catalytic converter learned value stored in the engine ECU. After the tire pressure MIL turns on and maintenance is performed, the tire pressure resetting functionmust be performed to reset tire pressure and turn off the tire pressure MIL. Tire pressure resetting mustbe performed after maintenance is performed in the following cases: tire pressure is too low, tire leaks, tirepressure monitoring device is replaced or installed, tire is replaced, tire pressure sensor is damaged, andtire is replaced for the car with tire pressure monitoring function.

This function can complete the gearbox self-learning to improve gear shifting quality. When the gearbox isdisassembled or repaired (after some of the car battery is powered off), it will lead to shift delay or impactproblem. In this case, this function needs to be done so that the gearbox can automatically compensateaccording to the driving conditions so as to achieve more comfortable and better shift quality. This function can set the sunroof lock off, closed when it rains, sliding/tilting sunroof memory function, temperature threshold outside the car etc. This function is used to open or close the automatic start-stop function via setting the hidden function in ECU(provided that the vehicle has a hidden function and supported by hardware).

THINKTOOL PAD8 Supports Complete OBD2 functions. Show the detailed description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTCs). Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors. Reads and displays live ECU/PCM data stream, plotting functions graphically and stores freeze frame data.

Shows whether the various emissions-related systems on the vehicle are operating properly and are ready for inspection and maintenance testing. Show the information of continuous data stream from a vehicle in live graphic (waveform) display. Check the certain vehicle conditions which are recorded by the on-board computer at the time the emission-related fault occurs. Allows retrieval and viewing of O2 sensor monitor test results for the most recently performed tests from the vehicle's on-board computer. Retrieves and displays test results for emission-related powertrain components and systems.

Display the information such as VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), CID (Calibration ID) and CVN (Calibration verification number), etc. Certain vehicle components can be actuated by commands sent from the scanner to test their operability. The Other Function of THINKTOOL PAD8. It can read VIN information automanually when you connect Car, fast get the inforamtion.

It enables you to quickly access all the electronic control units of the vehicle and generate a detailed report about vehicle health. Support system scan and system select System Scan:automatically scan all systems of the vehicle System Selection:manually choose the automotive electronic control system. It adopts smart detection mode.

After the vehicle is connected, the system will automatically recognize the vehicle information, automatically check the vehicle, and automatically generates a report. Automatic printing can be set so that no human intervention is needed throughout the process. THINKTOOL PAD8 Professional Diagnostic Tool Support 23+ Multi-lannguage. Italian, English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Korean, Persian, Romania, Serbia, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Chinese(traditional). Supports 10000+ car models from America, Europe, Asia (Including Russian car models, Brazilian car models, Chinese car models, Australian car models, Indian car models, Malaysian car models, Latin American car models and other national car models).

Modular Expansion>>Support 8 optional modules. Camera:Rear camera 8.0MP. Network:Wi-Fi, WL AN 802. Setting language & Time Zone, Connect WIFI.

Step 2 :Agree the Register term. 4 :VCI Activate - Enter the serial number and Password to activate. How To Printer the Diagnostic Report. Share the Diagnostic Report out via USB, then print. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Garage Equipment & Tools\Diagnostic Equipment & Tools\Code Readers & Scanners".

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  • Supported System: ABS, DPF, EPB, SAS, SRS, TPMS, Injector, Oil Reset, Throttle, etc., All System Diagnostic
  • OBD Interface: CAN, EOBD, OBD, OBDII
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi
  • Features: Backlit Display, Built-In Battery, Check Engine Light Shut Off, Color Display, Erases Codes, Freeze Frame Displays, Internet Updateable, LCD Display, Multi-Language Interface, User Friendly
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AS as MS906 MK908P MK808 Thinktool Pros+ X431 V+
  • Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
  • Accessories: Adapter Cable, Carrying Case, Memory Card, USB Cable, User Guide
  • Warranty: 5 Year
  • Update: 2 Year Free Update
  • Brand: THINKCAR
  • Vehicles: for Ford, GM, Benz, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Volvo, VW etc
  • Model Coverage: Most Makes, Mercedes, Smart, Renault, Ford etc.

  • Type: Vehicle Auto Professional OEM Diagnostic Scanner
  • Type 2: Vehicle Code Readers & Scanners Reset Tool
  • Type 3: Auto Diagnostic Tablet Scanner Tool
  • Feature 1: All system Diagnostic+30 Reset Function
  • Feature 2: ECU Coding Programmer
  • Feature 3: Active Test,Bi-directional control
  • Version: thinktool pad8 2022 Newest Updated Global Version
  • Touch Screen: Capacitive Touch Screen
  • LCD Screen: 8 inches Automotive Scanner
  • Operating System: android 10.0
  • Ram Memory: 4GB
  • Storage Capacity: 32GB
  • EAN: 753491729775

2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding    2022 Bi-Directional Car OBD2 Scanner All System Diagnostic Tablet Key ECU Coding