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DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG

DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG

DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG    DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG
Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System w/ MPG. A ustria, B elgium, B ulgaria, C zechRepublic, D enmark, E stonia, F inland, F rance, G ermany, G reece.

H ungary, I reland, I taly, L atvia, L iechtenstein, L ithuania, L uxembourg, M onaco, N etherlands, P oland. P ortugal, R omania, S lovakia, S lovenia, S pain, S weden, UK. 1 × 4 Axis CNC offline stand alone motion controller DDCSV4.1.

1 x 4 Axis 100PPR Handwheel MPG with E-Stop. 1 × 4GB USB flash drive. 1 × USB extension cable and other small accessories.

1 × parallel port link cable. 4 Axis PLC Controller 500KHz off-line (DDCS V4.1). The DDCS V4.1 4 axis motion controller for stepper and servo system, is updated from DDCS V3.1 on software and hardware. It combines great advancement with tiny footprint of each days from past 8 years.

The DDCS numerical control system adopts the ARM + FPGA design framework. ARM controls the human-computer interface and G-code analysis and the FPGA provides the underlying algorithms and creates the control pulse. This ensure reliable control and easy operation.

The internal operating system is Linux based. The panel layout structure of the DDCS V4.1 is very rational to save space. All operations are controlled by only 17 keys and the keys are composite keys that can act as function keys or numeric keys. DDCS V4.1 support comprehensive Fanuc G code set. The DDCS can be used for many styles and types of CNC machines.

Lathes, Routers, Pick&Place and Mills are just a few examples. The DDCS operates as a Stand Alone system without the need of a computer. This ensure high precision, accuracy and reliability. The interface, even though very comprehensive, can be learned in a very short time. DDCSV4.1 Brief technical feature. 1 18 photoelectric isolated digital inputs, 3 photoelectric isolated digital outputs. 2 The spindle can be set as Analog spindle(010V) and also Servo spindle. 3 3-4 axes motor Control.

Difffferential Mode and Double Pulse Mode output signal for optional, Maximum interpolation pulse output frequency is 500Khz/Axis, 2-4 Axis linear interpolation, any 2 axis circular interpolation. 4 ARM9 main control chip, FPGA core algorithm chip.

5 7 inches TFT screen, Size: 1024x600 Pixels, Resolution:72 Pixels/Inch; 17 operation keys. 6 The Power Supply for IO Port is 24VDC, minimum current is 0.5A, the Power Supply for Control ler system is also 24VDC, minimum current is 0.5A. Controller needs both power to work properly.

7 USB flflash disk support for G code fifile input; Can transfer the fifiles by Ethernet communication between the computer and DDCS V4.1 controller; No size limited of the G-code fifile. 8 Compatible with standard G-code, support popular CAD/CAM software, such as ArtCam, MasterCam, ProE, JDSoft SurfMill, Aspire, Fusion 360 and so on. 10 Support function of" Try cutting" (handwheel guiding) function. 11Support Jog function for each axis (continuous, step, defifined distance), Customer can defifine. 12Support Float Probe, Fix Probe, Vertex Probe and Tool Length Measurement.

13 Support the operation of quickly go to specify line and closest position. 14 Support Array Machining, Sequence Machining, Milling Plane Machining, and Milling sylindri. 15 Support Bias for XYZA axis, and can defifind the Bias distance. 16 Support Pause breakpoint, Power-Cut Recovery Beakpoint and loaded breakpoint; And Support Start from the specifific line and closest line. 17 Support Multiple origin points operation, the users can create an origin point and load it. 18 Support Find Middle for X and Y axis. 19 Improved the simulation function. During the simulation, you can adjust the FRO and observe whether the programming path meets the expectations and check the soft limits. During the simulation, it can be paused, and when press the Start key again, the system will continue to simulate from the pause breakpoint. 20 Slave X, Slave Y Or Slave Z, for Gantry machine with two independent motors on main axes.

21 Now English and Chinese language is avaliable; System also suppport International coding, almost support all language, the users can add their own language to the control system. 22 DDCS V4.1 Only Supports NPN Type Limited Switch.

23 Support 4 kinds operation rights: visitor, operator, admin, super admin. DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control Output. Output frequency is 500Khz, please take attention to the max. Pluse input frequency of the driver. Limit, Home and Probe Inputs. The digital input circuit has the mechanical limit switch connection method and the open collector of the triode connection method. It supports the NPN type proximity limit switch. The example above, we already set at Submenu "Input signal Para" in the Parameters page as. #151: X axis Home port is 03, then IN03 is the X axir home signal input port. #152: Y axis Home port is 06, then IN06 is the Y axir home signal input port. #153: Z axis Home port is 09, then IN09 is the Y axir home signal input port. #156: Probe Port is 13, then IN13 is the probe signal input port. #250#253 Extended function key functions: 0 "Start"; 1 "Pause"; 2 "XY Zero"; 3 "Z Zero"; 4 "Home"; 5 "Floatting probe"; 6 "Fixing probe"; 7 "Vertex probe"; 8 "X 1/2"; 9 "Y 1/2; 10 "extkey1. The users can select the function as they want. Take the example, how to defind the "Start", "Pause" and "E-stop"Extended function to the external keys. By Submenu "Input signal Parameters" in the Parameters page. Set "#157 External emergency stop port" to No. 16 input port; Set "#158 Extended Function Key 1 Port" to No. 14 input port; "#159 Extended Function Key 1 Port" to No. Then set #250 to 0, then define input port 14 as "Start"; Set # 251 to 1, to defind the input port 15 as the "Pause". The users also can edit Macro to self-define the external key function by "extkey.

The appendix also includes a list of macro definitions. DDCSV4.1 Spindle control outputs. DDCS V4.1 Support 2 kinds Spindle Mode: Analog Spindle / Servo Spindle (PUL+DIR).

By Para #188 configurate the spindle as Analog or Servo Spindle, By Para #189 we select the servo spindle channel. Here we take the example of the analog spindle. The spindle control output ports (OUT01-OUT03) offer connections for Start and Stop of the Spindle (M3/M5), Start/Stop of Cooling (M8/M9), Start/Stop of Lubrication (M10/M11). These three output terminals are signals open to ground.

The highest electric current can be absorbed is 50mA. The speed controlling output terminal can output 0-10V. It can adjust the speed of the spindle motor by sending the voltage between 0 and 10V to the VFD according the the Spindle Speed Setting.

The above Figure shows the wiring with Sunfar VFD. We configurate the IN13 as the Probe signal input port, and IN05 as the Z-- hard limit signal input port. After completing the wiring, we can check the input ports status at the View page. In the Sub-menu "Home Para" of the Paramters page, we can set the Home direction of each axis, the Home Speed, the back-distance and so on.

And comparing with DDCS V3.1, the 4.1 version controller added the coordinate setting of the 4 references points. DDCSV4.1 output ports wiring with relay. OUT0-OUT3 can be used as General comman output ports, for example, can be used as the solid relay output ports, take the example of the figure above.

After Wiring, in the View page, we can check the wiring situation. In the Parameter Page, the Sub-menu "Output signal Para", we can configurate the output number of M3/M5, M8/M9, M10/M11 and the electrical level. In the Parameter Page, the Sub-menu "M output code Para", we can set the delay time of M3/M4, M8/M9 and M10/M11. COM+ and COM- is the power input ports for Input/Output Port and MPG, 24V and GND is the power input ports for controller system. Please keep in mind, only when the two power supplies are connected correctly the controller can be work properly. The DDCS V4.1 is a small box that can fit in a window of a small control box or control cabinet. Four locking hooks fix this controller from the frame. The dimension you find in Figure 1-3. The front panel is 237mm 153.7mm 5.2mm. The main body is 237mm 153.7mm 48.2mm. To mount the unit in an equipment cabinet, cut the hole 228.5mm 83.7mm. DDCS V4.1 the new features comparing with DDCS V3.1.

Slave X Y or Z for gantry machine with two independent motors on the main axes. Can transfer the files by Ethernet communication between the computer and DDCSV4.1 controller.

Servo Spindle can be connected to PUL/DIR output when selected. Increased the Parameters about the acceleration when Estop, to avoid collision by Stop when Estop the machine in high speed. We add cycle encoder for A axis, which is good for unlimited rotation for A axis. Added polar coordinate programming commands and rotation commands, and completed radius compensation commands. Added the window for analysis prompt. DDCS V4.1 Key definition. "Shift" key can be defined as "Menu" or "2nd function" by parameter #313, among which the menu function is the newly added content of DDCS V4.1. It should be noted that since DDCS V4.1 has correspondingly added many functions, only 17 keys is really not enough, so we defined the "Start" and other keys totally 7 keys to be composite keys, and at the same time, namely F1-F7, which can be Perform corresponding operations accord ing to the on-screen prompts. System FPGE cited 32 -bit speed generator, with higher resolution for the speed / acceleration, it means higher positioning accuracy.

DDCSV4.1 controller upgrades the motion algorithm, by Machining profile accuracy configuration, makes a long g-code program with short line segments running smoother. Suppport International coding, almost support all language, the users can add his language for the control system. No matter how big program file it is, system can quickly active the function of start from specified line and start from closest point in few seconds.

Pendant Handwheel with Emergency stop with plug. All Wiring isolated from MPG unit and provide a easy to install wiring diagram, it suit both commercial machine as a replacement jog control unit or other computer based controller.

Which add great control flexibility to the system. X, Y, Z, 4th axis selector switch. 6ft extendable high quality shielded cable cord.

Magnetic base holder can place anywhere on the machine steel surface. Required 5V+, 150mA, power for MPG. Phase output is A, /A and B, /B. TTL output, drive capability +-20mA.

Support CNC system:Taiwan Pou Yuen M600 M500 M520i T300 series, Higerman, HANUC, GSK, opened NC, KND, Siemens, the NUM, Spain FAGOR (NEW, 8055I) and so on. Wiring:User can wire this unit to the CNC system with easy. CNC system and position control of various mechanical devices, mainly for CNC machine tools and various mechanical zero correction and signal division. 100 times per revolution slightly. Cracking point, 100 pulses per revolution output, holding the handle of the panel and all-metal high-grade design.

Metal code disc, high precision, good texture. Easy installation, shaped thin, ultra-light. Voltage, single-ended, differential in three output options provide 100PPR pulse output options. Driver output type, anti-interference ability, long-distance transmission.

Oil, water, dust-proof design (grade IP65) spiral stretch 20 million guaranteed. Novelty, easy to move, interference, load capacity. Full plastic shell, insulation, high strength, anti-oil seal design. With × 1, × 10, × 100 third gear ratio, enabling 4-12 axis magnification switch.

With the control switch, emergency stop switch optional, easy to operate. For CNC machine tools, printing machinery, numerical control equipment. OFF, X, Y, Z, 4. This item is in the category "Business, Office & Industrial\Industrial Automation & Motion Controls\Other Automation Equipment".

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  • Brand: RATTM MOTOR
  • Model: DDCS V4.1
  • Power input: 24V DC
  • Application: CNC Router Milling Engraver/Servo/Stepper
  • Axis: 4 Axis

DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG    DE? Upgrade 4 Axis CNC Controller DDCS V4.1 Stepper/Servo Control System with MPG