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Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors

Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors

Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors    Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors

Please review the entire listing reviewing all the videos to understand the system your purchasing. This listing is for Robotic Motion Controller package.

This system is built around the Gecko Drive G540 digital integrated micro stepping 4 axis driver system. The power supply you select for your G540 motion controller is critical as it will provide the system's speed, and required amps to support all four of the G540's axis. My unit is designed in house to provide all the volts the drives require with a surplus of amps to assure your system's supported even if you decide to expand your system to five, or six axis with an ESS system here. Your correct if you identified the Texas Instrument chip...

The fan is controlled automatically by the ambient temperature of your electronics enclosure. Built in overload protection, and automatic shutdown. The complete specs are below.

Also included is three of my Nema 23 600oz/in (37.5in/lbs) 3.5a (6.4mh inductance) dual 8mm motor shaft stepper motors for the most durability, and compatibility for system retrofits on the market. I also include the matching resistors for the G540. These motors are the largest torque Nema 23 motors available. These are the best solution for end users wanting to machine aluminum, steel, and all softer substrates. The motor specs are below with dimensions.

This is the only engineered G540 motion control system online that features a 12.5a (600w) power supply as standard equipment as all should to support the 4 axis capabilites power requirements. Compare the other units on the market, and you will soon realize why my build lead times can be in excess of eight days. This version reflects my new REV2 model utilizing the most advanced controller design for the G540 driver system to date, featuring an EMI coating applied to the electronics enclosure. This coating is used now as standard on all my chassis including the barebones system. This Revision also features my custom built tinned braided copper shielded E-stop switch cable for the cleanest possible signals.

The shielding drain of this cable is properly grounded to the chassis. The system also includes three of my 20awg 13ft 300v, 80c temp rated DOUBLE SHIELDED motor cables made using signal cable for maximum durability, and flexibility. These are the only double shielded cables offered for this drive on the market, and their included with every full system I build.

Please understand this system can be configured to suit your particular retrofit, and budget. I can automate virtually any system pending your budget supports what your looking to accomplish. Below is an overview video of me covering this system in detail. Gecko G540 Motion Control System Rev2 Edition Updates!! Video will open in a new window.

Here's an overview video of my 13ft. 20awg Double Shielded DB9 pre-made motor cables which are included with the system. Pro Shielded Motor Cables (Made With Signal Cable) - YouTube. These units can easily achieve under. 001 tolerances when axis calibration, are completed, when using a metal substrate CNC chassis. This is a live overview of it being achieved on a Chinese 3020 that's completely stock except for the G540, and my power supply.

He achieved a ridiculous speed increase as well. MythBusted Stepper Motor Accuracy Less Than. Here's a client of mine going over a retrofit on a Chinese 6040 CNC. I invite you to see the end result as it directly reflects these systems make these machines profitable manufacturing systems. 6040 China CNC upgrade video 1 - YouTube.

I invite you to watch another video of a previous client of mine. He wanted a controller to automate a 16ft chassis. He fabricated the table himself, and I handled all the motion control components.

The controller he's using is a 6 axis custom UC-100 USB based system I built him for this specific chassis It uses 6 Gecko Drives G251x drivers. These are the same drives inside the G540's black enclosure. 16ft Table Run With Gecko G540 Drivers..

16ft Table Run With Gecko G540 Drivers... The product quality you can expect when you calibrate your system. The Products You Can Expect When You Calibrate, And Tram Your System.. The system's build includes the following components assembled into your "turnkey motion contoller".

The wires 16awg, and 20awg (E-stop has no voltage/current) are then secured internally with wire ties, and adhesive backed hold downs for optimal neatness, and airflow. Aluminum EMI dipped pre-machined 12in x 12in x 4in diameter (1.5mm thick) aluminum enclosure. Sanyo Denki industrial 100,000 hour 48v (65 C ubic F eet M inute) Brushless 60mm x 38mm Cooling Fan. Three heatsinks installed on the G540 with thermal adhesive for maximum heat conduction. 48v 12.5a (600w) power supply supporting 110v/220v input (Each system's unit is calibrated with a FLUKE 179 TRUE RMS multimeter for accurate power input). 3 Nema 23 3.5a 600oz/in 37. 5in/lbs dual 8mm shaft four lead stepper motors with matching resistors. 3 13ft 20awg double shielded pre-assembled motor cables with gold plated DB9 male, and female connectors. 3 Pro-solderless motor connectors for simple motor installation, and servicing.

DB25 male to male parallel port communication cable for the system to PC connection. 250v 15a LED illuminated KCD2 power switch.

E-stop switch featuring "twist, and release" reset. 250v 10a external fuse holder with fuse (The power supply, and drive is also fuse protected for triple redundancy). 125v 15a 110v Auxiliary power Input that (supports accessories up to 5a).

250v 10a IEC power port that supplies the system's power. I look forward to working with you to support your business model utilizing micro manufacturing. The lead time on your build will be messaged to you upon receiving your order. Please keep in mind my feedback reflects I don't rush builds to increase my profits. The average lead time on a system is 5 days, but can easily be up to 10 do to the time of year.

I recommend contacting me first if you need you system by a certain time to see if its doable. Please keep in mind The system weighs in at over 12lbs configured as it is, and the motors are an additional 11.7lbs, so. You must supply your adapter power plugs for your countries location. The item "Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors" is in sale since Friday, May 8, 2015. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\Industrial Automation & Motion Controls\Drives & Starters\Drives & Motor Controls\Stepper Controls & Drives".

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Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors    Gecko G540 CNC Motion Control System 48v 12.5a & 3 Nema 23 600oz in 3.5A Motors